With equal parts Orange County punk, honky tonk country, and a tip-jar full of rockabilly swagger, Reno Divorce strikes a unique chord of their own. For the last 16 years, Reno Divorce has methodically honed their craft in the seediest of speakeasies and on some of the biggest stages across America and Europe. Propped up by faithful following and four acclaimed full-length albums under their belt, their renown live performances bring energy and excitement to any venue they grace. Based in Denver, CO 
Brent Loveday – vocals/guitar 
Jason LaBella – drums/vocals 
Andy Brown – bass/vocals 


Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Pennywise, Face to Face, The Adicts, X, Rollins Band, Yelawolf, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Gogo Bordello, Reverend Horton Heat, Agent Orange, The Queers, Soul Asylum, Wire, Stiff Little Fingers, GBH. 



With Full Force / Germany 2009 

Sjock Festival / Belgium 2009

Rebellion / UK 2017 

Mighty Sounds / Czech 2011, 2017 

Ruhrpott Rodeo / Germany 2017 

Back to Future / Germany 2017 

Boomtown / UK 2017 

Rock N Ink Germany / 2010, 2012, 2016 

Punk Rock Bowling / Las Vegas 2014 

Snowboard on the Block / Denver 2015 

Sturgis South / Dakota 2013 

Rockabilly on the Route / New Mexico 2015 

Rockabilly Reunion / Lake Havasu 2017, 2018 

Rockabilly Riot, El Paso / TX 2017 

Bad Boys For Life Tour / Europe 2010 



Wild at Heart Berlin, Germany 

The Ogden Denver, CO 

CBGB’s New York 

Red Rocks Amphitheater Morrison, CO 

The Buffalo Chip Sturgis, SD 

The Belly Up Aspen, CO 

Alex’s Bar Long Beach, CA 

The Viper Room Vienna, Austria 

Reggie’s Bar Chicago, IL 

Fireside Bowl Chicago, IL 



“Cafe Racer”, Season 1, Episode 1, 2012 

“Dime City Cycles”, promo spot, 2012 

“British Customs”, promo spot, 2013 

“The Crest” film by Mark Covina, 2017 



“Wounded and wounding laments from the gutters and streets of Denver. The guitars are raw and low-slung, the vocals are a perfect mix of whiskey-sour kisses and brattish pout and sneer. Yes it’s more punk rock’n’roll, but this is the kind with dirt under its nails, lurching out of the working class dives frequented by the likes of Social Distortion rather than the (admittedly no less thrilling) dandies clubs preferred by The Strokes and their ilk. Yet while there’s attitude and energy aplenty on “Naysayers And Yesmen”, Reno Divorce sound like they’re classicists at heart, and most of these songs would be equally as effective stripped down to a lone voice and acoustic guitar. Add a story-telling lyrical style that is socially aware, seedy and poetic all at the same time, and you have an oddly-moving brand of punk rock that wears its cynical, discontented heart brazenly on its sleeve like a wrecked romantic.“ 
Paul Travers, Kerrang! 
“Besides, the musicianship and writing speak for themselves. As a songwriter Loveday possesses a sensitivity to the human condition and an empathy for the underdog that never waxes into the misplaced bravado found in some other bands’ lyric’s“ 
Tom Murphy, Westword Magazine 
“It is both beautiful and tragic that the best OC punk album in years comes from half the country away. Lover’s Leapfrom Denver’s Reno Divorce delivers the sound we have all been waiting around for, but didn’t get. This is the record Mike Ness wished he would have written. From the opening bars of “Rep to Protect”, you know exactly what you’re in for. “I’d love to sit and chat about all the times I let you down, but now I’m all done with that. ” It’s a bold and plaintive statement, accompanied by a “come at me bro” old school sound that is both reassuring in its familiarity, yet cleaned up with just enough polish to make it shine. It’s like the hot rod in your old man’s garage that just needed a tune up to roar down the road.“ 
Damon Workman, For the Love of Punk 
“The new Reno Divorce album… Where the bear shit in the buckwheat. I like it. I like it a lot. It restored my faith in mankind. I don’t feel like killing everyone I meet. A great album that sees thru the bullshit.“ 
Joe Queer, The Queers 
“Denver’s RD have released impassioned punk records since 1997, and their anachronistic name refers to Nevada (no one “establishes residency” there just to get a divorce any more), but on their fourth album, their heart’s still in L.A., 1979-1983. Brent Loveday is a next generation Mike Ness and Lovers digs Social Distortion from “1945” to Mommy’s Little Monster to “So Far Away.” But they’re so ablaze, as opposed to pallid parody, let’s bet Ness loved them when Reno supported Social D! They also have a little Bad Religion in them (“Make Sure You’re Sure”’s bridge sounds like “American Jesus”’s), Adolescents, Youth Brigade (faster tracks), San Francisco’s No Alternative and Social Unrest, and Stiff Little Fingers (whom they’ve also supported), yet with their mandatory thick guitar licks, tunes, mature lyrics, and commitment, they’re right there with such second wave descendants. Third wave, A-OK”
Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover


“Fair Weather Friends“ 

 1. Fair Weather Friend 

 2. Let It Go 

 3. Get the Feeling 

 4. Wyoming Girl 

 5. Ana Lee 

 6. Lovable Loser 

 Release date TBD 

Reno Divorce returns with 6 brand new songs, following up their critically acclaimed 2016 EP, “Ship of Fools”. This outing was entirely recorded, engineered, and produced by the band themselves, and teams them once again with Jason Livermore for mixing and mastering, respectively. This comprehensive collection of music shows the band is willing to take risk without overreaching and are as comfortable behind the board as they are in front of it.

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